Master your health and business at The Next Level Entrepreneur

{{unknown}}Your Wellbeing is Your Business: Health and Wellness Event for Entrepreneurs At The Next Level Entrepreneur event, you you can learn how to better your health and walk away with a more balanced life so you can serve your clients at your best. Speakers at the event have been featured in The Huffington Post, NBC, ABC, Cosmopolitan Magazine, and more. Your ticket includes all interactive workshops, healthy snacks and meals, an RMT Massage, a dance afterparty, and more. Join us Sunday, 7 June 2015 from 9:00 am — 8:00 pm. Get…

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Students Cipher Impact Tomorrow Presentation

Impact tomorrow, starting today

Speech presented at the Impact Tomorrow youth entrepreneurship conference and pitch competition on March 28, 2015. Let’s go back about 120 years. A guy named Henry Ford was determined to build a simple, reliable and affordable car; a car the average worker could afford. His determination resulted in the Model T and the concept of the assembly line — 2 innovations that revolutionized society to this day. Henry Ford did not invent the car — he produced one that was within the economic reach of…

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Helping millennials develop their ideas for social change through ACCESS

Everything you need to get your “legacy project” off the ground I was interviewed on Moving Millennials as part of a series (all episodes are here). One of the topics was ACCESS, the non-profit organization I started back in high-school. You can listen to the audio interview here. Dave Anderson:  Welcome to yet another incredible week where we are featuring an inspiring millennial mentor. And if you haven’t heard Daniel’s entire story yet (we’re at episode 81 today), so go way back to episode 4 and you can listen to…

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Daniel Speaking

Let’s talk entrepreneurship this fall

Some have said it’s the buzzword of the decade, but entrepreneurship is a solution to unemployment and generating a heathy, thriving market.  There are even entire post-secondary programs specifically on entrepreneurship – I blogged about my experience at one here. Entrepreneurship is increasing substantially, probably prompted by the economic crisis, high youth unemployment rates, and easy access to startup resources (a lot of time times, that means, access to the internet, and you’re good to go!). So for those who are considering starting their own venture, or those who are already active entrepreneurs curious…

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Travel Daniel Desert

Why Entrepreneurs Need to Travel

This summer, I went on a roadtrip with two friends, traveling through the USA. One week of driving from Toronto to Buffalo and west to the Rockies, then south to Arizona (over 120°F), where we stayed for about a week. While driving 5,000 KM over the course of a few days (we flew home, thankfully) may sound exhausting, there were great unexpected stops, lessons, new experiences  and hilarious moments. As an entrepreneur, changing up your routine and being exposed to all of this can have an awesome impact. Here are…

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