Bill Gates working on helping the world

As most of the world knows, Bill Gates stepped down from daily operations at Microsoft to focus on the Gates Foundation about a year ago.

Gates is working hard on major global issues of Education and Healthcare. Instead of spreading money over many, many causes, he focuses on these key factors and is a huge believer in education. On healthcare, he believes that by 2025 people will not have to die from Malaria, which is currently a leading cause of death in the developing world.

The philosophy is simple: it’s all about ridding the world of inequality. This is something we can all do, on different scales.

How does Bill Gates make such a substantial impact? Besides his huge financial wealth (plus the 31 Billion donated by Warren Buffet), he consults scientists when deciding where to invest, and hopes that in the long-run some of his investment will pay off as successful vaccines and cures, for example.

Mashable posted a detailed article called Bill Gates’ Plan for Fixing the World that summarizes what Gates is trying to do, his advice, and some of his thoughts on the financial crisis.

Gates gave an interesting TED Talk recently relating to these issues, which you can watch below [direct link]: