Design can transform your life, and, maybe even the world

What can we learn from designers? That’s what author Warren Berger asks in Glimmer: How Design Can Transform Your Life and Maybe Even the World.

This question, I would say, is very interesting to everyday people or the general population, as well as to myself as a design student. Berger explains the book started with him trying to personally answer the basic question, “What is design?”

I’d been writing about it on and off for years, for magazines like Wired, and it was always interesting to me that the term was used in so many different ways. As I started collecting definitions, I stumbled upon an intriguing yet anonymous quote: “Design is the glimmer in God’s eye.” That word “glimmer” resonated with me. It’s a word associated with “potential” and “possibility.” – Warren Berger

Berger explains that we can learn a lot from designers about how to face up to problems, look at them with a fresh eye and an open mind, and begin to solve them in a step-by-step manner.

Designers jobs are to bring about positive change

The part I find most interesting, what stands out the most, is his comment that “a designer’s job is to bring about positive change.” Progress happens by design, Berger states. I completely agree with these statements and this philosophy is the reason I have chosen to major in design.

While I haven’t yet read this book, it’s considered to be “a breed apart from all of the many design thinking books hitting the shelves, and worth a further look“.

Featured in the book is designer Bruce Mau, who has designed everything from textiles to museums. What I find amazing about Mau is that his philosophy is to always look for bigger challenges – despite already having had clients like Frank Gehry, MTV and Coca Cola, he continues to pursue this big question: “Now that we can do anything, what will we do?”

Warren Berger, author of Glimmer, explains how design thinking can be applied to many of our personal, business, and social challenges in the video below:

Clearly, design is more than good looks. This book and message is designed to help everyone realize this, instead of only designers. There is a lot to be learned by all of us from these individuals, amongst many other great design thinkers.

“Design is the human capacity to plan and produce desired outcomes.” – Bruce Mau

“Progress happens by design”- Warren Berger