Looking for Design Inspiration?

If you’re looking for design inspiration, there’s a ton out there. You can spend all day browsing through portfolio sites, magazines, and walking downtown. But here are some things I’ve found helpful so far.

One thing I recommend is to subscribe to design magazines. Some have student prices, though they’re still not very cheap, but worth it. Some of the ones I suggest are Adbusters, Print, Wired, Communications Arts and Wallpaper.


There are also tons of other magazines that you can checkout online that range from general news to creative that cover work and ideas from the arts world. Some I don’t read regularly but have been recommended to me: Azure, ID Magazine, Vogue, National Geographic, Popular Scientist, TIME, Scientific American, The New York Times Magazine, The New Yorker, Vanity Fair.

A lot of times my inspiration and ideas and everything comes from what I see online. Constantly search through sites of designers and agencies to see their work. Some that I have bookmarked in the past include Abduzeedo.com, Logo Design Love, Leo Burnett, Just Creative Design, Droga5, I Love Typography, and I’m Just Creative.

If you’re not on Twitter, get Twitter! Don’t know who to follow? There’s a site that lets you put in a keyword (e.g. graphic design) and gives you a huge list of people that are designers or agencies, that you can then follow. It’s amazing, you get links to some really great articles, tips, ideas, resources, even tutorials. Here are more than 85 of the best Twitter users designers should follow.

Also, one of my former highs school teachers, Diana Prior, is building a website right now at teachcreativity.ca which will be full of great resources on creativity, creative advertising, entrepreneurship, and more.

Why look at all of this stuff, you ask? To be exposed! To be aware of current trends – not only in the design industry, but in technology and healthcare and everything in between.

Design is art people use” – Ellen Lupton