MTV: More TV, Less M

MTV Logo, Before and After

Some people (who have been around longer than I have) thought the MTV logo would never change. Now it has changed, 29 years after MTV and its logo debuted in 1981. But the “M” in MTV stands for Music, and MTV is not just about music anymore!

Executive VP of marketing and multiplatform creative projects for The Daily NewsTina Exarhos, explains:

“If you watch the channel, you’ve seen that it’s definitely going in a new direction,” said Exarhos. “We really wanted to see the logo featured in a new way, and this was really meant to be able to house all the great things that are happening at MTV at any given time. I’ve been at MTV a long time, and as it was reinvented over the years and maintained sort of a fluid nature, we never touched our logo, which is sort of ironic,” Exarhos said. “It’s a fantastic, iconic logo, but it wasn’t working for us in a way that we needed it to anymore. It needed to express more about what MTV is today, not what it was in 1981.” From a truly design perspective, we didn’t look at losing ‘music television’ for any other reason than from a functionality standpoint.”


The new logo (above) was created by MTV’s in-house design staff. It features a cleaned-up “TV” lettering, widening the depth of the “M”, and chopped off the bottom of it.

Is this change a big deal to you? Well, as the design blogger on Under Consideration explains;

“For those that didn’t grow up on MTV and Frosted Flakes, this change isn’t significant as the logo and its endless permutations, hold no nostalgic value; in fact, I bet the more streamlined and less fuzzy approach is welcome. And as new MTV viewers come along, the simplified logo serves as more of a branding icon rather than the cult badge it used to be. But, of course, I can’t help but judge as what it was and, in its new form, the MTV logo looks like an old friend who just got unflattering plastic surgery, one tuck and one pull too many that have left a memory of what used to be there.”

Now, the logo can be used in multiple formats. Under Consideration describes it as having a “chameleon personality”, as you can see the variety of TV stars it features:


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