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Moving Millennials InterviewIn an interview on Moving Millennials (all episodes are here), I spoke about Start Now, the service package we created to make it simpler to launch and promote a new business, product or organization. 

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Dave Anderson: What we’re talking about today, specifically about a new piece of Now Creative Group called Start Now. Their brand new website is beautiful, if you go to Start Now helps you to build your brand and develop marketing materials to launch and grow your venture. It’s perfectly timed for a brand new year. 2015 is here and with that there are so many of you who likely have an idea that you’ve been sitting on for a long time – a new business, a new blog, a podcast, a website of some sort, and a company with a product likely – that you want to get out into the world. And even if you have a full-time job right now or a full-time job and a part-time job, there’s still room for you to really do what moves you. It’s just a choice. Begin to move towards that new millennial life of travel, contribution and freedom. The incredible team at Now Creative Group, led by Daniel Francavilla  can be instrumental in helping set you up for success.

An All-In-One Service to Help You Launch Your Brand Now

Daniel Francavilla:  Start Now essentially grew out of Now Creative Group and the need to cater towards not only startups, because technically the word startups often refers to the tech space. Really a startup is a new business in its first few years that’s not part of an existing corporation. Start Now is something that we designed to specifically cater services towards people that are starting out, whether they are starting a new business, a new initiative, a new product, even if it’s a nonprofit venture or rebranding themselves as a service provider, as an individual. Start Now is a way that we offer these services at an affordable price range and using a different process than we would with a larger company.

Dave Anderson: Let’s talk about that process then. So if someone, maybe just an individual, someone like myself was coming to you, coming to Start Now and saying “I’ve got this idea for a podcast or a blog or this new business and I’m looking for some help in getting this thing off the ground when it comes to design and marketing and web development.” What does that process look like for someone who’s just starting out?

Daniel Francavilla:  First thing we do is a we have a meeting with you to establish a relationship and find out what exactly are your goals and what have you done so far because sometimes when people are looking for a service, they may approach a company just for, let’s say, a logo design. Or they may have a logo and they want a website. But what we do is we start first, take a step back and offer some support. We actually start off our package with a consultation and the first service we offer is a strategy session. And through the strategy session, we work to build a brand action plan.

And so these are for people that may have a brand already or you may have an idea of that brand, but we help you solidify and define what your brand is. And once that’s done, we’re able to move on to the visual representation of that brand, which is your logo, your visual identity. We do a basic logo design. We deliver a few concepts to you; work with you back and forth on picking the right fit that represents your venture. And then from there it’s fairly quick because we’re able to apply that to other materials. You can choose between an array of print materials that are included, such as a business card or a brochure. You get graphics for your social media profiles because consistency is so important when you’re launching. You don’t want to launch with things half done or things that don’t match because really the first look people get is where they’re going to judge your business. And so we think that startups don’t have to suffer because they don’t have the ability to hire a large agency, right?

Dave Anderson: Right.

Daniel Francavilla:  We want to be able to maintain this offering that is barrier-free in terms of you’re able to access it in one place. You don’t have to go all around and hire a student logo designer here, your sister to setup your social media. That type of stuff. It’s great to get support later on from your contacts and you should always use your connections, but we want to help you have a plan to start off successfully, and that’s what we do through Start Now.

Dave Anderson:  Cool. I’m wondering, if people are looking to really get a feel for some of the work, some of the best work that you are most proud off that you’ve done over the past 6 months or so, who are some of the…obviously besides Moving Millennials and Small World, but what are the brands that you’re most proud off that you and your team have created, that people can use as an example.

Daniel Francavilla:  One of them, and I’ll use it because it’s a product (and I know that a lot of people are starting online businesses but it’s nice to see a physical product come to market). They’re called Kra Co and we actually helped work to build this brand from scratch. Two sisters came to us with an existing brand called Abibirem Beauty (which I always forgot how to spell). They had several initiatives; they wanted to do fundraising for overseas projects and they wanted to do shea butter, they wanted to do beauty products, they want to offer support to people, health support. And so what we did, as a team, is we really work with them on strategy to rebrand and create a new brand that encompass everything they do in a very clear way, because we have to remember as entrepreneurs the idea it all makes sense in your head until you explain it to someone. (You can read the re-branding story here).

Dave Anderson: Right.

Daniel Francavilla:  Share it with someone new, you explain it to them and they likely will not understand how things link. What we helped to do with Kra Co was we developed a tagline – beauty, body, building – and essentially beauty, body, build are the three aspects of their company. The beauty includes all of their products, their shea butter products. Body includes everything they do for health in the sense of there is different types of spiritual healing, the physical side of things and the spiritual side of things. And then for build, that was the way that they connect that to their community work, so they connect the idea of compassion and building experiences into a better world. We created the brand, we created the logo, we created the website, social media. And now they’re able to successfully manage that on their own. Of course there’s things that they come back to us for, which is great. But that was, I guess, a successful story of how we help them really get their idea out there and embody it in a way that they’re proud to express and that people are able to resonate with.

Dave Anderson: The website for that is I think it’s really helpful for people to have a visual example of what you and your team are able to create for people just as they’re starting out, from startup to success.

Daniel Francavilla:  Right. And some of that is in the backend as well, so you don’t necessarily see it visually but it helps put your business to clarify it for everyone so that the public really understands.

Dave Anderson: Oh that’s awesome. The website looks beautiful. And we’ll have to have these sisters on the show to talk about this in more depth. So that is a wrap. That is all for this episode. Hopefully if you’re listening right now and you’ve got that idea and you’ve contemplated, taking action, actually putting out something that you’re going to share to the world — a vision, a mission, a cause, a business, whatever it is — Start Now, Daniel’s team, can help you. Go to

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