Creating The Now Digital Network

Although I graduated with a degree in Graphic Design, I had been independently exploring and learning about the worlds of Web Design and Social Media for just as long.

Attending web and social media conferences, doing online tutorials, asking questions, working with others in the industry, working and consistently “learning on the job” has lead me to create several websites. In January 2013, I began a program at University of Toronto, towards a Certificate in Digital Strategy & Communications Management.

Through my business, Daniel Design, I’ve created many websites for clients ranging from health care professionals to authors, and from financial institutions to creative freelancers. Apart from this, however, I launched a few websites on my own, through passion and curiosity.

Entering 2013, I decided to formally house these websites and platforms under one channel, giving a home for many of the sites I create independently, and a place to collaborate with others. While continuing to expand and develop the model and its projects, this is now called The Now Digital Network.

The Now Digital Network delivers Digital, Media and Design experiences online. Explore our online properties below. Its home online is, which is currently being developed and updated. The current homepage features a list of the major projects I have decided to include under the Now Digital Network umbrella.

If you’re interested in collaborating, or have an existing blog or website you think should be added to the Now Digital Network, email and follow @NowDigitalNet.

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