The Visual Social Media Transition

Social media is about sharing, whether you are a big brand or a high school student. But what is the most “sharable” content?

Of course, people are drawn to visuals – ever since you were in kindergarten, you looked at the photos in your story book before trying to read anything. This translates to the online world with social media today.

The early days of the internet consisted of very bland, text-based webpages, and in the days of dial-up, images took forever to even load. Not even close to where we are today. If you posted a blog or news article without an image in it, significantly less people would be enticed to click or read it.

Images, visuals, infographics, photos – visual content is being shared most often. The statistics cannot be denied:

  • Photos on Facebook generate 53% more likes than the average post
  • Over 80% of the photos posted on Pinterest are re-pins

The infographic below, produced by Socially Sorted, highlights this transition to a more digital social media world.

Featured in the infographic are also six practical tips to make your brand more visual.