When a School Board is Cool on Twitter: Snow Day with @PeelSchools

A Snow Day is always amazing news for any student. But you may have never thought about how much better that news becomes, when it’s broadcast through a School Board’s clever Twitter team.

Apparently the Peel District School Board, located in the GTA (covering Mississauga, Brampton and area) has been experimenting with their Twitter presence! While normally a feed of mainly school press releases and meeting announcements, a recent Snow Day brought out a lighter side to @PeelSchools.

Naturally, being an Education organization, the School Board did have to educate Twitter users to watch what they say online. With the goal of being respectful, of course. These are two varying examples of this:

Since this is not the typical behaviour you would expect from a School Board (one of the largest in Canada, too), some wondered if this Twitter account was in fact a reliable source for School Cancellation announcements. The board’s response? Trust. Hilarious.

Once the news was officially out there and verified that it was, in fact, a Snow Day, the focus shifted slightly. Important things like, say, Hot Chocolate and Snowmen! Clearly the School Board was feeling the Snow Day vibe.

Of course, the “voice” of the @PeelSchools account was definitely more fun and social than normal, and one student did note that the seemed to be from a youth.

Ultimately in the end, what mattered is that people – mainly students within Peel schools themselves – admittedly liked the way their school board was interacting on Twitter. This Twitter activity did not go without thanks.

This is some of the best engagement I have ever come across online from an organization, business or brand. And it was awesome to be witnessing it happen live, on my screen. Bonus marks for @PeelSchools!