Embrace the Hustle

The #hustle is hard but I’m smiling in the photo because you can enjoy it at the same time.

The year is off to an amazing start for Now Creative Group but that doesn’t come without new challenges and major work. There’s already been times in 2017 that had me working till the early morning, reminding me of the early grind business-building days 3–4 years ago. Sometimes it’s necessary to put everything aside and dive in.

I’m pumped about the growing team and collaborations that have been forming. And I promise not to fall asleep on the couch watching Gary Vaynerchuk — it happened once this week. Appreciative of the opportunity to go to the events like Haste and Hustle (gotta meet Casey Neistat finally) and visit NYC later this month.

Sleep is critical. People are important. Creativity is key.

Work/Life balance doesn’t exist, it’s about keeping everything in flow, resting when you need and going all-in whenever you can. The hustle doesn’t have to be 24/7!

Work on building something great and making a positive impact, not working for the sake of work or an arbitrary dollar amount.

Inspiration and motivation don’t last forever, remind yourself wtf you’re doing and why.