Like life, Entrepreneurship is about the journey

Put yourself in a different situation.

Entrepreneurship is all about the journey — as is life. If you don’t like where you’re at, you have the ability to change that, and starting a business is a significant step you can take to do so.

Having creative control over your job (running your own business) means you can design it around how you best function as an individual, and you can focus on providing the best solution for your clients (rather than following a set of guidelines or stereotypical paths, blindly). You can also adapt and evolve at any time, without the risk of getting fired or having to gain approval.

During the first episode of The Daniel & Daniel Show, we both explain our transitions — for me, from a student and graphic design freelancer to a studio owner and creative director, and for Daniel Lewis, from an online tea store to a successful physical retail shop.

Our future episodes focus more on specific skills and tips, we just thought to start off with our backgrounds first as an introductory show.

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