The New Millennial Life: What does being an entrepreneur mean to a young person?

Often, when defining an “entrepreneur”, often Virgin’s Richard Branson or Apple’s Steve Jobs come up. These are definitely entrepreneurs, but from a specific era who grew empires worth may Billions of dollars. With entrepreneurship becoming a more common (and at time necessary) part of life for everyday people, it is time to re-define the image of an “entrepreneur”.

One of my clients at Now Creative Group (and former colleague at The Apple Store), Dave Anderson, has made it his mission to make entrepreneurship mainstream, specifically for millennials (those in their 20’s and 30’s).

As part of this movement, he has a Podcast twice weekly called Moving Millennials, which I had the oppurtunity to be interviewed on (episode available here). He calls this movement as “The New Millennial Life”.

Defined by Dave in the Manifesto, “moving millennials” are among the thousands of Gen Y humans who have made the decision to do things a little bit differently. While in large part we have willingly followed the traditional paths set out by our parents and older siblings, we are now choosing to pause; to take a step to the left or right; even back-track slightly; all in an effort to ensure that our ultimate path is one we are absolutely in love with.

Dave believes that young people can customize every single aspect of their career and their life, without limitations – and that this is more possible today than it has ever been.

The paradigm of 40 hours per week for 40 years (in place since the early 1800’s) no longer makes any sense. It is unnecessary, and isn’t going to move the world forward the way we need it to.

So, what is this Manifesto? It is a complete depiction of what is possible for our generation, according The New Millennial Life that Dave has put into words, explaining that:

“We get to be starting careers and families during the best time in history to do it all on your terms, without limitations. The Manifesto serves as mantra for what we’re becoming, and the life we are choosing.”

As an entrepreneur, I’m always inspired by the passion of others pursuing this path, and Dave embodies so much of what it means to be a “self-starter” and embrace the full lifestyle that comes along with it. I’m honoured to have worked with Dave to design the Moving MIllennials visual branding, website, social media graphics, and manifesto, along with the intro video, with my team.

To download the full Manifesto, and another eBook (all free), simply signup at

The Moving Millennials Manifesto Cover

The Moving Millennials Manifesto Last Spread

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