Busy Being Busy

Are you addicted to being busy? Chances are that you, or someone you know, is.

As part of my normal busy schedule I attended an event called Ignite Charity in Waterloo. There were some inspiring talks about activism and charity work, but also one personal account from a “recovering busy-aholic”, Brendan Sheehan. This talk caught my attention, as soon as the title appeared on-stage.

Brendan has spent the past 14 years working 22 different jobs including: running 3 start-ups, running a bulldozer, being a Coal Miner, Fire Fighter, Jr. Controller and now Manager of Strategic Operations for the KW Community Foundation. Outside of work, he volunteers with organizations such as the Waterloo Air Show, Project Macfrica, University of Waterloo’s Campus Response Team and sits on the Board of Directors for HopeSpring Cancer Support Centre as their Fundraising Chair.

Every since grade 8, I’ve been involved in dozens of things at a time, from committees to non-profits to jobs and my own business – so again, I paid close attention to Brendan.

Just like me, Brendan knows what it is like to be busy and over committed. There are of course negative impacts on your life; professionally, personally and academically. Brendan asked plain and simple, are you too busy?

Why are we so busy? How do we get so busy? Some straight answers are delivered in this presentation.

Watch the full video of this 5-minute talk, simply called “Busy”, below.

Ignite Charity focuses on thought-provoking topics about all-things charity, and speakers from all walks of life sharing their inspiring personal stories, philosophies and passions. They focus on the ‘how’ and ‘why’ instead of the ‘what’. The goal is to spark conversation and collaboration throughout the community.