Design. Charity. Life.

Change is coming. After exploring so many new websites and blogs on everything from design to sports to church, and learning some things about the Web 2.0, I’ve decided that it’s time to go through an upgrade myself.

Previously, my personal website and blog has always been about, well, myself and my thoughts on a few topics. However I found that there are so many other, unrelated topics and issues I’d like to write about – and why would someone go to find these at “Daniel Francavilla Online”? They wouldn’t – because they’re not about me.

Recently, I’ve been writing a few posts on some topics of interest, things that are in the news and categories of technology and the web. Through Twitter I’ve been able to connect with and share with a great audience, too.

So, after considering a lot of ideas, I’ve decided to re-design and re-refocus my website.

The three main areas of focus will be Design, Charity and Life. Why? Because Design and Charity are two things I spend the most time on and am most passionate about – and Life encompasses everything else, from faith to everyday news.

The site will still include my basic online profile. However, I plan on interviewing people I find interesting, important or useful and using this as featured content. I’ll also be able to share a lot more articles and useful links as it won’t be an official “just me” site.

Everything combined.

If you’ve ever been confused about where everything that I actually do online is – it’s going to be organized into the new site.

While there may be various URLs to get to the actual site, the main address will be Other URLs that will remain are of course, which will link to the new site, and I’ll be working on a re-design of (a separate site for design business projects).

Great things like the Twitter feed and other profiles will also be imported to the site. I may just link to (which I recommend you make one for yourself, free) that had used for my main homepage in the past.

Read it, don’t read it, comment, or don’t comment.

This website will be part of a learning experience for me. I’m not expecting to make tons of money or gain a massive following out of it! I’ll be able to practice a little journalism, widen my range of topics and take advantage of all of the awesome new web features out there. With the hosted version of WordPress, I’ll be able to finally use the features I’ve been seeing everywhere – and have a proper URL (website address) for everything on the site. Your comments on and sharing of the new site will obviously be genuinely appreciated.

Looking forward to getting down to work!

– Daniel

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