Failed to boost my juice

If you walk through Toronto’s Union Station, you may suddenly feel the need for some juice. Or a fruit smoothie, or even just some plain fruit juice.
Why? Because there’s posters, signs, walls and even the floor – all plastered with Booster Juice ads. The ads told me plenty of benefits of this juice oaisis. And I was actually pretty thirsty at the time. Perfect!

Only one problem: there’s NO Booster Juice anywhere in Union Station!

Clearly, that didn’t work out for Booster Juice. Kind of just confused me, and made me want a smoothie (and reminded me everywhere I looked). So, what next? Look for a place that has smoothies!

Take a look at the amount of advertising here, with Booster Juice telling me their stuff is both Awesome, and Awesome for Me; and look at the outcome in the end.

OK now…

Oh, a JUGO Juice. Great. Actually no, not liking the raw carrots and prices right now.

Perfect, Second Cup! They (used to) offer SPC student discount of a free size upgrade. Grrrrr.
But hey, there’s cold drinks on the menu!

Leaving on the GO with a Second Cup Strawberry Fruit Chiller.
Poor Booster Juice just handed this customer off to someone else.

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