How to Be More Creative: Bringing Innovation and Inspiration into your work

The ability to be creative is apparently built into everyone’s DNA — think of the art projects and endless ideas children come up with—but most lose this over time. While it may take effort and action to become creative again, creativity can be an incredible force for change.

Award-winning recording artist, best-selling author and entrepreneur David Usher shared insights on being more creative, live in Brampton.

A few thoughts I took from David’s keynote:

  • Creative thinking is a necessity, not a luxury.

  • Encourage unexpected outcomes. Avoid resistance and fear.

  • Breaking boundaries, changing the common the experience and perspective, helps creativity.

  • Structure gives you the ability to take risk in the Creative Process.

  • “Creativity is a learnable skill. 95% of it is work and discipline, 5% is inspiration.”

Let the Elephants Run is David’s essential guidebook to reconnecting with our imaginations and nurturing our creativity in accessible and productive ways.

Daniel Francavilla + David UsherAfter seeing David Usher perform several years ago in Quebec while on a family vacation, it was cool to finally meet him in person — especially since we had been placing his photo everywhere throughtout the campaign. It also prompted me to look into some of his other work, and found appearances and articles of him speaking on creativity and innovation.

David Usher’s presentation and performance was the headline event for Small Business Month in Brampton, and a fall of programming hosted by the City geared to inspire innovation, entrepreneurial excellence and creativity. The Brampton Entrepreneur Centre did an incredible job coordinating the event — from the venue to the catering, it was a well-attended success! Great to see the creative and business communities out.

Our team at Now Creative Group was comissioned to create the branding for Dream Big Brampton, the campaign that included the David Usher event. You can read about our process here:

Today is #DreamBigBrampton. #Creativity talk 6—9 pm at Rose Theatre. #Brampton

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