It’s beginning to look a little like Christmas – in August?

Summer has barely ended and already, to our surprise, there are Christmas displays in some stores.

Sure, the retail industry always gears up for its busiest season of the year, but their timing is a bit off, in my opinion. Think about it this way: people are heading home from from the cottage or summer vacation, wearing shorts and t-shirts, then stop into a store and BAM – Christmas?!

Just to clarify with everyone who doesn’t live on Earth, Christmas is celebrated universally on December 25th, annually. It’s a Christian holiday celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ, and, as Wikipedia explains, it’s also celebrated by many non-Christians as a secular, cultural festival (because gift-giving and such involve “heightened economic activity” among many of us, Christmas has become a major event for retailers).

Shoppers still in their summer shorts pass by a Christmas display at Costco in Scarborough on August 28, 2009. Photo: TONY BOCK/TORONTO STAR

Still, I agree with a recent Toronto Star article that it seems, “Christmas is coming earlier every year, and some consumers are far from happy”. Usually, I remember seeing Christmas decorations in stores come out after the fall’s Halloween festivities, which is still early – but this is being written in August, when Christmas is in no way on our minds.

Now, let’s stick to “Back to School” shopping. Hope you’ve enjoyed the music.