Living the Book of Holiday Awesome

After buying The Book of (Holiday) Awesome by Neil Pasricha, I skimmed through the pages of awesome holiday things during Christmas Eve. Realizing how many of the awesome things were familiar, I decided to record which ones were happening right before my eyes on December 24.

As the book description says, there’s nothing like holidays. Pasricha is here to remind us that “not only are the holidays great but there’s actually even more to celebrate than we realize”. He’s definitely right. The small things that happen every year at Christmas time – some of them hilarious, some of them annoying – may go unnoticed but are what actually make-up the holiday experience itself.

Here are the ones I took photos of, including their corresponding page in the book. (Note: None of these are staged, they were all photographed as they happened).

To get this awesome book, you can click right here: The Book of (Holiday) Awesome