Meeting Buddy the Cake Boss

Since it first aired, I’ve been watching Cake Boss (a reality show on TLC), and in the past year just about anybody from co-workers to classmates to random people have been saying that I look like Buddy the Cake Boss!

Almost a year ago, I looked at some photos of both Cake Boss and myself to compare, which I posted here. I also tried tweeting him a few times a while ago such as here, with no luck. Then this year at Halloween I went as Cake Boss.

So when an Indigo Books downtown Toronto announced Buddy would be minutes away from my apartment, I decided to do everything I could to meet him. After waiting in line and buying his book, we were finally shaking hands, in-person.

I’m glad that he’s really a nice guy in “real life” (yes I’m aware his show is a “reality show” but we all know how fake those can be). Very thankful for all the support from his fans and a really legit Jersey accent. I was impressed. And now I have an autographed copy of his book to read.

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