Michael Jackson got enough

Shockwaves were sent around the online and entertainment world today as the death of Michael Jackson was being reported. Of course, this is big news.

First someone told me “Michael Jackson died” after getting a text on their phone, and I laughed it off as an obvious rumor. Hospitalized, sure. But dead? Then checking on my iPhone through Google News, and sources like CBC, NY Times, CNN, Reuters as the major, reputable media sources were reporting that very thing!

When something like this happens, a tragic or unexpected death, the media flourishes and fans come together. However when the most popular artist of all time, like actually in the whole world suddenly dies of a heart attack, it’s an even larger story. I noticed that every major media source has the story (of course), and will continue to do so for several days. It’s the same on Twitter, search it! I can guarantee that you’ll see new “tribute” videos, more documentary films, interviews with family, books written, and more (not to mention thousands of blog posts) – all triggered by this sudden death.

Let’s just say that, while the King of Pop is gone, many people are making a ton of money off of this!

Everyone is not only in shock, but even the ‘haters’ are sympathizing! The people that tried to destroy him all their lives, criticizing him (even just following stereotypes) are suddenly caring fans. (For the record, I was personally never a huge fan nor was I obsessed with Mr. Jackson at any point in my life, but I respect the music and success of course! I also did not put tons of pictures of Michael Jackson in this post because I know that many people did not find him particularly attractive especially in recent years).

Now, will people know exactly how big Michael Jackson was? I caught the very end of his career, the least successful and craziest part. So, what will those younger than me know? Rev. Al Sharpton said that he’s an icon, clearly, and agrees that it’ll be hard to pass on the info: “To say an ‘icon’ would only give these young people … a fraction of what he was. He was a historic figure that people will measure music and the industry by.”

Career-wise, it is hard to even compare any artist to Michael Jackson. After the band Jackson 5 in the late 70’s, he was at the top of the charts as a solo artist with songs from “Off the Wall” (“Rock With You”,  “Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough). Later, his “Thriller” album from 1982 eventually produced seven hit singles!

However, into the 90’s the attention was on his private life more than his music career, and it all went down hill. A 1995 greatest hits CD didn’t do well, the 2001 album “Invincible” did even worse, and in 2005 he went to trial on child-molestation charges. And if you’re my age, the most you could remember about Jackson are his short marriages, his claim that the head of Sony Records Tommy Mottola was racist, his big interview with British journalist Martin Bashir done for documentary “Living With Michael Jackson” in 2003, his changing physical appearance and of course, the accusations that he sexually molested young boys at Neverland (Sources).

After three years out of the spotlight, Michael Jackson recently announced that he would be doing series of concerts in London, England as his “curtain call.” Apparently, he had 50 shows booked and sold already!

Then, we hear that he’s dead.

Just like that.

In his song sang “Don’t stop till you get enough”. Well, clearly, he got enough.

I included the video above because I like PhillyD’s videos and this one happens to talk about Michael Jackson, from a non-media perspective of course. If you can’t see it embedded above, here’s the link to the above video on YouTube.

Real news story with details and links: Michael Jackson confirmed dead at 50 (CNN)

Very interesting effect, already: Michael Jackson-related traffic doubled Twitter’s update frequency, tripled Facebook’s