Photographs take you right back there

Now that we’re moving more and more to digital, we’re taking more and more photos. With 500 or 1000 photos on a 2-week trip, instead of 4-5 “rolls” of film, it’s reasonable to wonder if these photos are less significant for the most part.

But there will always be those key moments, of key places, that really have meaning. Some old family photos represent much more than what you can see inside – including years and years of memories.

What about re-creating old photos? Or going back to the site that a very old photo was taken at? A blog called presents a window to the past by posting user-submitted photos of someone holding an original photo in front of the live scene today. Some of them are entertaining, most allow you to take a look back in time and just ponder, others are emotional (based on their captions, such as someone missing a loved-one that once stood in that place, for example).

A news article said that the photos “drag you across time and into the present, an unexpectedly fascinating way to sense time and space and the human connections that give them meaning.”

Here are a few selections from, with their captions below:

"Grandpa loved the outdoors. But he loved us more." – Pam Dusbabek

"There’s no place like home." – Elizabeth

"They built this house with their bare hands." – Malwa

"40 years later, I still love to play in the leaves." – BT