Rethink, don’t give up

At some point along the journey, we all get discouraged.

Ideas shut down, plans canceled, people backing out, clients not paying.

Many people quit, or have their future work affected negatively.

I’ve seen this happen to others.

I’ve been in scenarios where the option of giving up or leaving comes up — but it’s never prominent or permanent.

And even if it was, it doesn’t stop us entrepreneurs altogether, it’s just a matter of time before we’re re-inspired and back in action at full force

A big part of it for me is not dwelling in the past or failed ideas because I’m constantly onto something new, moving forward.

But as a true entrepreneur, no matter how low a particular low is, it doesn’t stop a new idea or solution from forming!

We don’t give-up, we re-think.

We don’t turn off the car, we park it for a minute and look up a new route.

Or in my case above, when the water is freezing and starts soaking into your shoes, you just go all-in and proceed, instead of backing down.