The Future of Talent in Social Change: Inspiration from Ashoka’s Change Leaders Forum

The Ashoka Change Leaders Forum brought together seasoned and emerging leaders from business, education, and social enterprise to share their solutions.

I has the privilege of live-tweeting the event on behalf of @AshokaCanada using the hashtag #AshokaCLF.

The goal was to share stories, exchange ideas, and inspire concrete solutions on how to equip leaders to address emerging challenges.

“In order to thrive in a constantly changing world we must master new skills and reorganize our institutions.”

The event took place at the CBC headquarters and was a great event full of change makers; both the speakers and attendees (a few I knew and some I met for the first time).

Artists captured summaries of each speaker’s presentation, visually:


Speakers included:

  • Marc Kielburger – Co-founder of Free the Children, ME to WE and WE Day, Ashoka Fellow
    Marc is inspiring millions to improve their communities and the world through daily actions and socially conscious life choices.
  • Andreas Schleicher – Director of the Directorate of Education & Skills, OECD
    Andreas and his team created key international benchmarks in education to advance economic growth and social progress; including advancing the skills young people need to thrive in a changing world.
  • Mary Gordon – Founder of Roots of Empathy, Ashoka Fellow
    Mary’s mission is to grow an empathic civilization from its roots by teaching emotional literacy and fostering empathy among children, parents, teachers and leaders around the world.
  • Nicole Rycroft – Founder & Executive Director of Canopy, Ashoka Fellow
    Nicole is shifting mindsets and practices of the forest industry’s biggest customers to protect the world’s forests, animals and climate.
  • Gabriel Bran Lopez – Founder of Youth Fusion/Fusion Jeunesse, Ashoka Fellow
    Gabriel is empowering and engaging high school students through youth-designed and led initiatives, and increasing graduation rates among the most vulnerable students.
  • Shaun Loney – Executive Director of BUILD Inc., Ashoka Fellow
    Shaun’s work is driven by a personal mandate to build prosperity among underserved communities and enable these communities to thrive.
  • Sandra Odendahl – Director of Social Innovation and Integration, RBC
    Sandra’s mission is to make business a force for good in the world – good for the economy, good for communities, and good for the environment.
  • Toby Heaps – CEO & Co-founder of Corporate Knights Inc., Ashoka Board Member
    Toby coined the term “clean capitalism” and is committed to sharing practical tools, intelligence, and insights so that markets work to make the world a better place.

Highlights including quotes from the talks and photos from the event are compiled in this Twitter story: