What would you want in a new Canadian cell phone service provider?

Whether or not you’re happy with your current cell phone service provider, there’s always room for improvement and I’m doing a school project that involves creating a whole new cell service provider. Looking for your comments! There’s the main options out there with a few new ones who’ve recently started up (WIND Mobile, chatr, Mobilicity, Koodo, Public Mobile).

Each of them claim something new and revolutionary. Perhaps some of the options are, or will be. But in reality how different can they become, especially when they’re owned by the existing major companies anyway? (if you didn’t know, you may be shocked that Koodo is owned by Telus, and chatr is actually owned by Rogers, for example.

If there was a completely NEW, ideal wireless service provider in Canada, what would it be? What would YOU want to see in a new brand? Please comment BELOW to help my project – you are my research! Thanks. Think about pricing, packages, coverage, payment options, customer service, phone selection, and overall appearance and service.

Thanks for contributing!