You know you’re in Brampton when Elvis is…

You know you’re in Brampton when Elvis is brown!

At an Italian banquet hall to celebrate Mother’s Day, my family experienced the ultimate example of multiculturalism that is Brampton, Ontario, Canada. The live entertainment provided was the classic Elvis Presley impersonator, who was a great singer.

What was first unexpected but then suddenly funny was that this Elvis was South Asian. The accent came through ever-so-slightly.

Below is a photo I took of Elvis, skillfully and passionately screaming/singing in my mother’s ear as she attempts to enjoy Mother’s Day lunch.

I think it just came as a surprise because most have only ever seen Caucasian Elvis impersonators (as Elvis was clearly caucasian himself). But at the same time, this Elvis was in Brampton, where South Asians make up more than 1/3 of the population, the largest ethnic group next to whites.

Brampton is one of the most multicultural cities there is, anywhere! I am proud of this. I agree with Canadian Olympic gold medalist (women’s hockey), Lori Dupuis, when she explains how proud she is to live in “such a multicultural city like Brampton” and that Brampton is a place to “celebrate all the different cultures in Canada”!

An enjoyable Mother’s Day family lunch, simly made more memorable by Elvis!

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