Even the Pope warns about Climate Change

A random rant, reflection, article by Daniel Francavilla

The Pope is expected to use his first address to the United Nations to deliver a powerful warning over climate change in a move to adopt protection of the environment as a “moral” cause for the Catholic Church and its billion-strong following. This is from an article posted on September 22, 2007.

Now, we’re studying “morality” in my grade 12 Religion class. And for some reason, morality is the focus of the entire course. Morality is what’s considered right or wrong – acceptable or unacceptable, by society, religion, or individual conscience.

So, these three things relate apparently, since the article is called “Pope to make climate action a moral obligation”: morality, religion, and the environment.

Remember back in elementary school there were ads and things promoting a healthy environment, such as “don’t litter” signs and a “don’t waste water” song on Sesame Street? Well that was like the watered-down version of crap so nobody would feel bad. But guess what now? We have a global crisis!

I invite you to visit flickoff.org if you don’t believe me.

But anyways, back to the Pope. He is going to be meeting with the United Nations and also the US about this kind of stuff. Someone has to take action, you know? Because killing off our species is immoral! And that’s against the Catholic religion. Right? (Thou shall not kill… which is why smoking is against the Catholic religion too, because you’re damaging and killing your body).

So, the new Pope has personally led moves to emphasize green issues, focusing on the belief that climate change is affecting the poorest people on the planet, as well as the principle that believers have a duty to “protect creation”. So there you go.

Now a lot of people don’t like these important people preaching about the “green” movement because sometimes, they end up being the biggest polluters. We won’t get into the scandal about Al Gore having such a huge house with massive air conditioning and such… give the guy a break. But what I’m saying is, the Pope is not like this. He has actually done something about the environment already.

Vatican City has become the first fully carbon-neutral state in the world, after announcing it is offsetting its carbon footprint by planting a forest in Hungary and installing solar panels on the roof of St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome!

So if you think that the Climate Change Crisis is only a trend, you’re wrong. If the 80-year-old Pope is taking action, then you should too. And if you’re one of those people who think that Global Warming isn’t happening, look around you. You know the Olympics? Well news was just released saying that poor air quality threatens Beijing Olympics. An article says runners are staggering and falling over in the streets! That’s a when it becomes moral issue – it’s about life.

Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O’Connor, head of the Catholic Church in the UK, recently said that, “this is a crucial issue both today and for all future generations. We are the stewards of creation and we need to take that responsibility seriously and co-operate to care for the created world.”

Now obviously, the environment changing is not just only Catholic issue. In order to solve this problem of Global Warming and such, religion and science need to work together. That means everybody. Even you.

Check out initiatives from organizations like the David Suzuki Foundation, Green Peace, and more.

As the Flick Off website explains, Global Warming is affecting biodiversity, food systems, economies, human and animal life, and our living habits. That’s why we, everyday people, have to do something. Never mind the government’s broken promises, and plans that only sound good. Face it; government and big business aren’t racing to meet their targets.

The Flick Off commercial actually says, “We only have 10 years to dramatically reduce our emissions or we’re screwed.” I say that should be taken pretty seriously.

Don’t be in denial, or you going to die soon. Listen to the Pope. Don’t trust him? Then listen to Leonardo DiCaprio even.

I’m not asking you to go around hugging trees and picking up cans on the beach. Instead, fix the relationship between man and earth. God put us here to maintain this amazing world. I’m sure God would have never have guessed the most intelligent species on earth would be the ones who destroyed it.

A government source said that, “Pope Benedict is the spiritual head of 19 % of the world’s population and a highly respected figure. If the Pope’s words are taken on board by his community, that is one big constituency for change and could turn the tide on climate change and environmental degradation”.

Good luck on saving the world.

With all due respect,
Daniel Francavilla