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Students Cipher Impact Tomorrow Presentation

Impact tomorrow, starting today

Speech presented at the Impact Tomorrow youth entrepreneurship conference and pitch competition on March 28, 2015. Let’s go back about 120 years. A guy named Henry Ford was determined to build a simple, reliable and affordable car; a car the average worker could afford. His determination resulted in the Model T and the concept of the assembly line — 2 innovations that revolutionized society to this day. Henry Ford did not invent the car — he produced one that was within the economic reach of…

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Why You Might Help That Stranger

There are countless behaviours humans have adopted over time – for such goals of survival, defence and pro-creation. How humans relate to one another, and more specifically care for and protect each other, is key to their survival and maintaining relationships. How do humans react in situations when others are in need? When or why do people help strangers? Do humans feel responsible for the lives of others? This design concept for Art Meets Science displays what people think when presented with situations to help fellow humans. To visually represent these…

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How Will Millennials Save the World?

Are youth tired of being told things like Find Your Passion, Have an Impact, and Be the Change? That’s what Adora Svitak says, as a 15-year-old author, teacher, speaker and activist who delivered a great speech at the Social Good Summit in New York City. (You can read my Interview with Adora here). Really, youth don’t want to be told what they should do for social good. “We want our world to have confidence in us,” Adora explains. What can a 15-year old girl do, sitting in Language…

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Social Good Summit: Words of Wisdom

An event full of inspiring speakers, is full of quotes – especially when these speakers include some of the most innovative technologists, influential minds and passionate activists. Below are some selected quotes and stats mentioned at the Social Good Summit, updated throughout the conference. . “Technology is a wonderful tool, but it does need people behind it.” – Jill Sheffield “3.5 Billion people are under 25. Take young people seriously. Don’t believe young people are less than you are.” – Jill Sheffield “Investing in girls…

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Social tech for social change: Connecting non-profits with Technology at MyCharityConnects

The web is changing. Society is changing. And people are coming together to do something good about it. Net Change Week is full of events that explore how social innovation and social technology are changing our society. The week on “social tech for social change” exists because of this rapid change, and I believe it’s key for social causes to get on board! This is where the MyCharityConnects conference comes in, the sold-out event which I had the opportunity to attend this year. Over 200…

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