Social Good Summit: Words of Wisdom

An event full of inspiring speakers, is full of quotes – especially when these speakers include some of the most innovative technologists, influential minds and passionate activists. Below are some selected quotes and stats mentioned at the Social Good Summit, updated throughout the conference.

  • “Technology is a wonderful tool, but it does need people behind it.” – Jill Sheffield
  • “3.5 Billion people are under 25. Take young people seriously. Don’t believe young people are less than you are.” – Jill Sheffield
  • “Investing in girls and women isn’t just the right thing to do, it’s honestly the smart thing to do.” – Jill Sheffield
  • “Don’t just think about how you can do it yourself, think about how you can motivate the world to care about the mission you are on.” – Todd Park, White House Chief Technology Officer
  • “Data by itself is useless. I cannot feed my baby daughter data. It is only useful if you apply to create actual public benefit.” – Todd Park, White House Chief Technology Officer
  • “Social Media did not replace face-to-face diplomacy, but I went from 250 to over 7,000 Zimbabwe citizens on Facebook. It was working.” – Charles Ray, former US Ambassador to Zimbabwe
  • “You can’t go back to foreign headquarters to get every tweet approved. All diplomats are very comfortable doing it.” – Arturo Sarukhan, Mexican Ambassador to US
  • “Instead of writing a letter to the editor and waiting for it to be published, we can tweet. It’s a unique tool for engagement.” – Arturo Sarukhan, Mexican Ambassador to US
  • “There are a billion people who will never see a doctor in their life.” – Josh Nesbit, CEO, Medic Mobile
  • “The device will not end aids, the people using it will.” – Robert Fabricant, VP of Creative, Frog Design
  • “It’s very easy to save a life. I don’t think anybody ever realized.” – Women from the WWE
  • “Social good is global currency. It has real value.” – Mike Fogarty, Global SVP, BabyCenter
  • “We need to be active in our voices and partner with orgs that want to share our message.” – TMS “Teddy” Ruge, Co-Founder of Project Diaspora
  • “How can we more permanently protect our life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness online? We can create a digital bill of rights. Digital freedom of speech, freedom of assembly – we assemble on Twitter and Facebook.” – Rob Reich, Co-Director of Center on Philanthropy & Civil Society and Director of Ethics in Society Program at Stanford University
  • “The speed of technology will never be as slow as it is today.” – Hans Vestberg, President & CEO, Ericsson
  • “You serve best doing the thing you love most” – Maria Bello, Actor & Women’s Rights Activist, quoting advice she was given
  • “One of the things that is often missing is the importance of networks and communities. Networks are a critical part of what we do. Just take action and actually activate it.” – Danah Boyd
  • “You have to create your own job, and create your job not only to make money but to address social issues.” – Klaus Schwab, Executive Chairman of the World Economic Forum
  • “Now every company has to stand for something because this generation demands it.” – Deborah Dugan, CEO of (RED)
  • “Social change is about connecting with networks and connecting them with on-the-ground change.” – Beth Kanter, Blogger

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The Social Good Summit is uniting a dynamic community of global leaders to discuss a big idea: The power of innovative thinking and technology to solve our greatest challenges.