Spiritual Guru Deepak Chopra on Social Media and Digital Communication

Among the many charity, government and technology giants participating in this year’s Social Good Summit was a medical doctor and bestselling author and global spiritual guru.

Deepak Chopra, accomplished author and founder of The Chopra Foundation, has written over 60 books – including numerous New York Times bestsellers in both fiction and nonfiction – is also a highly qualified Doctor and Scientist. So, why was he speaking at a conference on using technology and social media for social good?

The “poet-prophet of alternative medicine” was presenting on the topic of Spirituality in the Digital Age.

In today’s the Digital Age, we are experiencing the evolution of the Human Identity into a Global Identity. Chopra reminds us that this evolution is happening as we speak, not far off in the future. This evolution and growth does not occur just in cyberspace, but it is influencing the networks of the brains of the world’s people. For those that choose to isolate themselves from social media, it’ll be a challenge, as this digital connectivity is becoming part of humanity. Chopra stated that social networks are the extensions of our mind that regulate the flow and activations of genes.

What does this have to do with social good? Technology can help us create a human consciousness that will allow us to better help each other. It is our choice, Chopra says, as to how we will use these networks; “Do we chose to create dynamic networks that organize themselves into the direction of love, joy, insight, intuition, creativity, conscious choice making?”


For the naysayers – the people that say being online and always connected is not healthy, who avoid social media altogether and claim this is all harmful: “They are frozen in an obsolete world”. Deepak assures us that it doesn’t matter whether they think today’s connectivity is good or bad – we cannot stop the process of technology.

“The whole universe is a nanotechnology workshop in the mind of God. Our technology is moving us into our cosmic identity. Don’t stop it – use it.”

We can re-wire the human brain to be more like who we really are, which is apparently “luminous stardust beings”, Chopra repeated in his presentation. We can use technology and our new networks to come together and solve world issues together.

“Love without action is meaningless, and action without love is irrelevant. But if we can combine love with action, through our technology, we will move into the next phase of civilization.”

Of course, not everybody is on-board; some people are not producing the most beneficial, useful technology, and refuse to take part in the positive future through the Web that Chopra describes. His blatant advice, about what to do with them: “Weed out the people who are ruining their brains by being distracted.”

We already have the knowledge to get rid of poverty, disease, war and more – and technology increases and enhances this knowledge. We can unite the world’s nations by ending conflicts and actually helping everyone, as the best way to get rid of your enemy is by increasing their capacity of happiness and wellbeing, Chopra says, and we have the technology to do that.

Wellbeing is the number one trend in the world. Deepak should know, he makes a living from this stuff, and recently launched a YouTube channel, The Chopra Well. People are looking for Hope, Trust, Stability, Compassion, and Respect.

There is much growth to come in the world of digital media and social networks. We are only in the caterpillar stage now, as Chopra says “we’re going through puberty, with technology”. In just 20 years, the capacity of our technology will be 1 Billion times more. Since we can’t stop it, what will we do? Use it for good.