What happens every day online

You’re reading one of 2 Million blog posts that are published online every single day.

Reading this online now, you have probably also gone online several other times today – whether it be update your social networks, watch the next episode in an old TV series, check emails, or to Google a random fact to prove a friend wrong in a discussion.

Being online doesn’t require pushing an old PC start-up button and waiting 10 minutes to connect to dial-up anymore. We connect through mobile devices in our pockets. Every day, more iPhones are sold than the number of babies born.

While I claim to be dealing with Email Overload, about 3 Billion emails are sent every single day.

Beyond just this though, the internet has become a very powerful tool for business. Because the internet is so massive, more business opportunities are being created online daily. Companies like Amazon, Apple and Walmart are giants in e-commerce with online revenues continuing to grow. Last year, online sales brought in $680 billion worldwide – and just on Black Friday, Amazon sold 32 items per second.

By being on social networks, companies are able to reach you, and basically everyone else on the internet – all 6.8 billion us – almost too easily.

This infographic – A Day in the Internet, created by MBAOnline.com – attempts to capture and display just one day’s worth of activity online.

A Day in the Internet