Who’s the Mayor of your Bank Branch?

Didn’t know you could become the Mayor of your bank branch? You probably haven’t heard of the smartphone app Foursquare, then (where you check-in at various locations and become Mayor for checking in the most-often, most-recently).

The social media team at TD Canada Trust is on top of things.

Twice, I have become the Mayor of one of their Brampton branches on Twitter. And both times (many months apart), TD Canada Trust has congratulated me personally, with a tweet. The most recent, embedded right here:

Although Foursquare automatically tweets an announcement of who I ousted as the previous mayor, it does not mention the @TD_Canada Twitter account. Yet they’ve got some people focused on people mentioning their bank branches on social media, and they’re doing a great job.

They even have their own hasthag for their branch mayors, so you can see how everyone else is doing, #TDMayorClub.

Some people think Foursquare checkins are useless – they clearly don’t value compliments from their banks.

Thanks, TD Canada Trust! From, a member of the #TDMayorClub.