Local Democracy Week: Power to raise voices, knock on doors and make change

Students learn that democracy, at its heart and soul, is about people’s voices

By Daniel Francavilla
Toronto Star Global Voices

Imagine having no voice. No vote for a political party, no say in where your tax money is spent and no way of stopping daily injustice. Thankfully, Canada is a democratic country and citizens, including youth, have the power to effect positive change in their communities and beyond.

Local Democracy Week, which concluded November 27 in Toronto, addressed such issues as voter apathy and the disconnect between politics and everyday life. Ontario MPPs had the opportunity to invite students from a high school in their riding to take part in events hosted at Queen’s Park and Toronto City Hall, alongside special guests including Toronto Mayor David Miller and Craig Kielburger.

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Daniel-Francavilla and Craig-Kielburger at local Democracy Week 2009 (Photo: Anastasia Tolias)

Craig Kielburger and Daniel Francavilla at Local Democracy Week 2009 (Photo: Anastasia Tolias)