How to Make a Viral Video: Create Stories that people want to share

Whether you are an amateur YouTuber, or a multi-million dollar corporation, everyone wants their video to go viral. But while you really can’t guarantee that anything will go viral, there are some tips on what makes a good Viral Video.

The goal is to create stories that people want to share. A successful video needs to reflect who you are or who you are representing. People don’t want to be told how to watch something, just let them watch it and get it — so approach the content visually. Online, you are competing with everyone from high school students to movie studios – but it’s not how much money you spend, it’s how clear your ideas are. Do not focus much on budgets when it comes to making your attempt at a viral video.

How to create stories that people want to share

Successful viral videos draw people in, and have definite strategies.
Here are some key components of Viral Videos.

  1. Humor
    Everybody needs a good laugh.
  2. Surprising
    Shock people.
  3. Offbeat and Bizarre
    Those crazy, random things.
  4. Breaking News
    Events, entertainment, and product launches
  5. The You Factor
    When the audience is referred to in the video often, of when they’re really relatable
  6. Cuteness
    Kids, kittens, pets will win hands down

Most videos never go viral. A viral video is where so many people are watching it and it’s being spread all over and shared with friends.

Some do, and they’re not always funny, some are serious. Instead, some are to educate. An example of this one using a whiteboard technique is “23 and 1/2 hours: What is the single best thing we can do for our health?”, embedded below. This one was successful because it is about personal health (or the health of loved ones we think of while watching it). It was also unexpected from a nonprofit (Heart & Stroke Foundation).

The main thing is, when you’re creating videos, target specific viewers. It works best in a fragmented market. Always research what else has been done on the subject, and how successful it’s been — who watched it? Is it related enough to link to it?

Now that you’ve decided on your topic and who you are targeting, think about how people will find your video among 73 Hours of Video uploaded every single day.

What can you do to make your video stand out? Provocative, Simple, Short-Scened, and a story based on a specific Idea, Product or Characters. Keep your message short and memorable.