OCAD videos from the past

Even if you’ve never heard of “OCAD”, you probably know what it looks like, if you’ve visited downtown Toronto. The Ontario College of Art + Design (OCAD) which is, yes, a University, went through a major expansion into what we know it as today.

I’m excited to be studying in this “table top” or building  on “stilts” or “pencils” as some people refer to it, known as the Sharp Centre for Design. The Design faculty and classes are located up there, and other faculties are mainly located below it and across the street.

I decided to search YouTube for videos on OCAD, and there’s not as much out there as there probably should be (or at least they’re hard to find). So I’ve put a few on here to share.

I came across old video segments from 2003 and 2004, during and after the expansion was complete. It’s really interesting and pretty amusing looking back at when it was so new, before I was very aware of it. Some comments are hillarious. Some people were strongly against it, some people didn’t think it was possible. Now we go to school there and it’s a pretty iconic part of Toronto’s skyline. Enjoy the random videos, below.

Impact of OCAD’s Expansion Project, 2004 – Ideas have space

OCAD Construction and Design on Daily Planet, 2003

OCAD Extension Legs on Bravo! News, 2003

In my second year at OCAD, I went to a presentation given by OCAD’s architectt, Will Alsop, who visited from England. A very unique, inspiring man.