What are you doing on YouTube in 2010?

Watching videos, favouriting videos, subscribing to channels. I’ve favourited over 200 so far, and these get automatically imported into my Facebook wall and Twitter feed. If you subscribe to channels you’re interested in, you’ll always have something you watch when you go to YouTube.com (just have it stay logged-in all the time, so your stats are recorded).

I’ve only uploaded 11 videos, which is nothing compared to the users who do daily vlogs and the celebrity news sites that post multuple videos a day. However somehow my channel has had 1,400 views since I made the account. The videos have over 8,000 views in total.

The power of YouTube, when videos go Viral! Have a look at this compilation of some of the most viral videos out there:

What are you doing on YouTube? What channels do you subscribe to? Do you upload your own videos on a regular basis?