Shop Your Way Online

Do we need another major online shopping space?

I came across Shop Your Way, a site created by Sears Holdings Inc. who owns Sears (the company has over 2,600 full-line and specialty retail stores in USA and Canada including Kmart). The site is described by the company as a social shopping experience where members have the ability to earn points and receive benefits across a wide variety of physical and digital formats through

The part that got my attention the most was the fact that ShopYourWay is duplicating and replicating features of other social networks, by asking users to “Follow” their favourite brands and create what look exactly like Pinterest boards of products right within their site on Users do not need another major social network like Pinterest at the moment, but does this not look too similar?

With sites like Amazon, Yahoo Shopping, Google Products, and huge retail giant’s online already like, there are many one-stop shops online. Through an ad I also came across a centralized online store for Procter & Gamble, the P&G eStore, for all the brands that they own – even encouraging customers to “buy in bundles and save on your favorite P&G products”.

Sears Holdings also created mygofer, an online grocery service that “turbo-charges brick-and-mortar retailer assortments by allowing customers to get items from those stores where and when they want them in new, convenient ways”.

I would value the concept of a one-stop shopping experience, and mygofer offers a range of products including supermarket food, prescriptions, health and beauty products, and electronics.

But again, are shoppers going to turn to Sears Holdings for this, or are they already using their local grocery stores, existing online stores, and systems like Grocery Gateway?

My thoughts are that users and shoppers will ultimately decide which networks and platforms stay, but until then, all the major retailers and brands will continue to experiment and create their own to own the full online experience.