The following are the workshops, seminars and tutorials that I currently offer. Please contact me for details on booking and pricing!

Activism 2.0: Using the Web and Social Media to Further Your Cause

  • Becoming Aware of the Power of Activism on the Web 2.0 and Exploring the Possibilities for Your Initiatives: Most of us use popular social networking sites such as Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter for staying in touch with friends and meeting new people. But the rapidly growing Web 2.0, including blogs and video sharing sites, also provides an incredible venue for non-profits and youth to promote important causes. Don’t think this is the case? If you’ve ever seen a message like “Click Here to Save Darfur” or “Make Genocide History in 2009” on your screen, you’re a part of it! Today, organizations both large and small, corporate and youth run, are using the web and social networks to rally protesters, using media sharing sites to promote articles, images, and ideas related to their cause, starting small donor funds through widgets and more. Through this workshop you’ll learn how to effectively use online tools as a youth activist! Whatever your passion, be it global education or animal rights, the Web 2.0 can help you as an activist looking to make a difference. For additional details visit

Social Networking Basics

  • If you hear the words ‘Facebook’ or ‘tweet’ in every day life and don’t have a clue how you would enter the world of social networking, this training session is for you! Simple tips on how to optimize your online experience, for slightly more experienced users are also offered.

Youth Making a Difference

  • Hosted through ACCESS: Allowing Children a Chance at Education, this inspiring workshop is designed to educate, empower, raise awareness and work in solidarity for change with local youth while combining local volunteer organizations and exciting presenters. While this workshop can be modified to accommodate various group sizes, visiting will provide you with an overview to the event experience.